World Cup Mania

June 24, 2006

The World Cup is alive and kickin in Germany right now as we enter the first pre-quarter knockout rounds today. Here's a great one dedicated to soccer spotted by Flickr:Manjeet Bawa on the streets of Madrid, Spain.

La mano de dios


Hollywood maverick Spike Jonze in Princeton

March 21, 2006

BMX-Spike Got a chance to spot this gem of a sticker of Hollywood’s maverick storyteller Spike Jonze on a recent trip to Princeton University. It is right on one of the public signs at the Princeton entrance gates on Nassau Street.

Totally brilliant!! Now it all makes sense where Spike got his kicks to make his kickass music videos and also his association with MTV Jackass.

Now the question is when do we get to see a sticker of his other half in moviemaking, the genius writer Charlie Kaufman.

Till then, enjoy Spike the old-skool BMXer.

I Spotted a Space Invader

March 10, 2006

I’m a big fan of Space Invaders. Even though the game is pretty old-school now, the character has lived on through different artistic expression like rubik-cubism and tile art in many cities of the world. Unfortunately, I was never able to spot one among the urban sprawl of Chicago (where I lived for the last three years). Maybe America’s second city was a tad too windy and chilly for the likes of the invaders.

All that is past now, because last month I got a chance to spot my first live space invader in the Soho neighborhood of New York City. And oh boy, it did put a smile on my face. Looking forward to spotting many more as I visit more cities. For now here’s my own NYC Space Invader.



Fuck in Singapore & London

March 5, 2006

Fuck is the sensational child of the illegitimate inter-species union between a duck and a fish. The real story is delightfully presented on Flickr by its creator who goes by the name ‘white dog bobby’. For now here are couple of her Singapore spottings:





And here’s some Fucks from London…




Hope you enjoyed the Fuck adventures.

Killer Gerbil is on the loose in Singapore

March 5, 2006

killer gerbilKiller Gerbil is the robo-feline like character created by Singapore-based graffiti maverick who goes by the same name as Killer Gerbil. He’s one tough cat with an attitude. Almost feels like he’s out to wipe the city clean of all other deviant characters. But then again that’s the killer instincts of the killer gerbil.

fresh gerbil Here’s a fresh one. The instincts on the face are still damn scary!!

kitschy gerbil This one is without his infamous jaw protector. Thus a little less scary, but all the more kitschy.

yet another gerbil Yet another gerbil spotting. Without the jaw protector but with menacing blood-red eyes.

Six Degrees of Mona Lisa

March 3, 2006

Spotted across North America – the lady with the mesmerizing eyes and the alluring smile thats put many a mind in a perpetual trance.


Spotted by Flickr: 84rms in Downtown LA.

ML atlanta

This downtrodden street in Atlanta, Georgia still survives on a ray of hope from the smiling lady. Taken by Flickr: lorenzodom.

I was lucky enough to spot this gem at the intersection of Mott & Spring St in Little Italy section of Manhattan. It’s a splendid mural for Lombardi’s the fine Italian eatery.


The Mona Lisa condos in Short North Arts District in Columbus, Ohio. Surreally captured by Flickr: jfsl3.


The Mona Lisa store in Calgary, Canada has this version of the smiling lady painted on its side walls. Captured by Flickr: Grant Neufeld.


Kensington Market in Toronto is home to this beautiful mural, brought to our viewing pleasure by Flickr: thebigdurian.

Hello World! Here are the Wall Stories

March 2, 2006

Welcome to the world of the wall stories. More about the purpose of this site is explained in a very concise manner in the “about” page. So let’s get on with it and go character spotting accross the world’s walls.

More on me the person can be collected at my other blog “Jabr-Woky”.

Lord Ganesha & his Faithful Mouse does Brooklyn

March 2, 2006

Brooklyn Ganesha

In a loft somewhere in Brooklyn, New York, Lord Ganesha and his faithful mouse is captured in a tan blue shade doing a sort of hip-hoppy sway to probably some Basement Jaxx tune. This terrific piece of work is by a New York artist who goes by the name Celso. (More Celso work coming in as the journey progresses) Flickr: goreb83 has brilliantly shot this and shared it with us.

Tintin: From Brussels to Wellington via Ho Chi Minh City

March 2, 2006

Tintin in Brussels

Tintin and Captain Haddock runs down a stairs in Brussels, Belgium. This surreal adventure takes place on the street called Stoofstraat. Brilliantly captured by Flickr: Orlik_1.

Tintin in Switzerland

A half cover image of Tintin’s “Broken Arrow” pops among a pile of random haphazard graffiti and stickers in Thune, Switzerland. Courtesy of Flickr: moneydick.

Tintin in WellingtonTintin say’s “Fuck Your Brain” according to this picture taken by Flickr: Ben Cumming in downtown Wellington, New Zealand.